Silt Fence

This product is used to control erosion, particularly around construction sites and other areas without vegetation. Silt fencing allows water to flow through while retaining sediments.
Hanes Geo Components custom manufacturers a complete line of silt fence from Commercial grade to strict DOT requirements. You can choose from our Super Silt Fence Kits to our pre-assembled Silt Fence with Hardwood Stakes. Check with your local regulations and we will meet your construction needs.

Additional Information

Silt Fence Fabrics

HGC has a full line of woven and nonwoven silt fence fabrics to meet a wide variety of specifications and application requirements. Federal and DOT fabrics are available along with hardwood posts, t-posts, wire backing, polymer- backing, as well as super silt fence products.

Pre-Assembled Silt Fence

Because HGC custom manufactures, we can assemble any type of silt fence according to your job and/or DOT requirements. All of our Commercial and DOT fabric comes: 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, and 48”. Silt fence can be made with any fabric size, stake and post spacing from 4 ft to 10 ft on center. We also can do lathe, wire and polymeric support, and support tape when required.