Sand and Snow Fence

This product is used to prevent the erosion of sand dunes and beaches as well as to prevent the drifting of snow. It is made of wooden lathe and wire and is typically used in its natural color on the beach. When used in snow, it is usually stained red. This fencing can also be used for various other purposes including barrier fencing, poultry fencing, and garden fencing.

Product Specifications

Product Description

Sand and Snow Fence will have wood slats woven together with five 2-wire strands of galvanized wire.


The slats will be spaced approximately 2 1/2” apart plus or minus 5/8”, and there will be not less than two 360 degree twists of the wire in the weave between the slats. The twisting must be taut so that the wire is forced into the wood slats sufficiently to hold them. The strands of wire shall be spaced approximately 10” apart and 4” from the ends of the slat.

Wood Material

Slats will typically be made of Aspen, Poplar, Spruce or Southern Yellow Pine measuring approximately 3/8” thick, 1 1/2” wide and 48” high. The allowable variations should not exceed 1/8” in thickness, 1/4” in the width and 3/4” in length. Both ends shall be cut square. For Snow Fence, the slats can be painted with a red iron oxide stain.

Galvanized Wire Material

The base metal of the wire shall be commercial quality steel, 13 gauge. Coating will be Class I, Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) Iron on Steel Articles. The zinc coating shall adhere to the wire, without flaking. Other wire Gauge is available for special order but minimum order amounts will need to be met.